Our students have been getting top ranks in PUC CET JEE NEET for the last 27 years

Prof. M Y Viswanatha Sastry

Founder and Director

An eminent educationist, founded this great institute, along with his esteemed colleague Dr. M. N. Purushotthama, to realise his dream of educating students to realise their dreams. Giving up a lucrative job at one of the top ten leading educational institutes of the nation – MES college – where he worked as a Lecturer in Physics from 1970 to 1995, decided to dedicate himself in the service of student community at large. He had an exponential domain of mastering the academic discipline for two and a half decades. Learning the basics over the years and internalizing the structures of the field of education, he decided to work creatively with the concepts.

Sastry sir, did his schooling in Govt. higher primary school in his hometown namely Muttur, a small village in Siddlaghatta Taluk of erstwhile Kolar district which harboured eminent Sanskrit scholars and good teachers.

Prof. M. Y. V. Sastry after schooling moved to Bangalore for his higher education and did his Masters in Physics from Bangalore University. His attitude and concern did make him gain perfection and to specialize in areas known as difficult concepts. No sooner he completed his Master degree, he was appointed as full fledged and permanent faculty in MES college – a top class educational institute at national level at that time.

Prof MY Viswanatha Sastry

Sastry sir grew to better heights in academic fields through his sincere, honest and logical approach. He authored, along with his colleagues, Five different books on Physics for the PUC students which includes ‘Helpmate’ – a guide for the CET exams, ‘Manual of Solutions’ – a Problems & Solutions book on PUC Physics and the most Popular being the I PUC and II PUC Text Books for Physics under MES PUBLICATIONS. They were the preferred text books almost over two and a half decades from their first publication in 1986 till 2013, until the syllabus got changed completely. Further his association with NCC for 21 years, did assist in maintaining high discipline both in domestic and educational field. He retired from as a Major in 1992.

Fulfilling the requirements of the students to appear for the competitive examinations and to make them become competent was really an exponential activity. Prof. Sastry was bull-headed to work hard sacrificing his personal life. His only concern was providing a bright future to the students who come seeking for it. Glory came on its own. His patience, hard-earned wisdom yielded great results. He fought over the urge to self-celebrate and relax. He finds pleasure in the growth of students and service in the field of education. He was ably supported by Dr. M. N. Purushothama, Associate Director to achieve the exponential growth. Under Prof. M.Y.V Sastry sir’s leadership, Sastry Tuitions has proved and are still proving that the success comes to those who dream of it and work towards it tirelessly.

About YCTS

Yashaswi Consulting and Tutoring Services (YCTS) has been incorporated in 1993 with an exclusive endeavor of producing successful students. The aim of YCTS is to cater to the needs of students aspiring to become successful in different walks of life.

Our experienced staff are always concerned about students, delivering their best to achieve holistic growth of students. Students are trained to face the board and various competitive exams with confidence and a high degree of preparedness.

The institute has an impeccable record in dealing with students having different mental acumen and varied capabilities. YCTS’s process based teaching style and delivery ensures consistency in the course delivery across our various branches, across the different academic years and across classroom and online teaching.

The undying zeal and interest of our teachers to keep themselves up to date with their respective subjects makes them relevant and contemporary. We instil confidence in students to cope with the stress ,psychological pressure, peer pressure and parental expectation while addressing competitive exams and succeeding in the same.

Our style of teaching science subjects with a focus on conceptual understanding, makes the diverse science subjects more interesting and understandable. Our students have been successful in procuring important and indispensable positions in various walks of life not just in India but all over the world.

1993 – 94: A new dawn brought about a vibrant change in the field of competitive examinations – specially the entrance test conducted by Karnataka PU Board for admissions to Engineering and Medical Courses with the birth of Yashaswi Consulting and Tutoring Services (YCTS).

Founded by an eminent educationist Prof. M. Y. Viswanatha Sastry, along with his esteemed colleague Dr. M. N. Purushotthama, YCTS had a dream of its own- “service to society through education”. When many colleges were/are unable to satiate the needs of the students, YCTS developed its own methodology of teaching in which effective learning by students has been integrated.

“Quality through Quantity”, became the slogan of the Institute. Intensive coaching in theory, extensive exposure to solve multiple choice questions (MCQs) which is required for getting admission to professional courses are the principles of Sastry Tuitions. Teaching for thousand plus hours for second PU students is a record which no other institute in the same field could even dream of in the entire country. Yes, YCTS has been doing it !

The growth has become exponential. Thousands of hours of sincere efforts rewarded properly and the progress multiplied quickly.
Assisting the needy students to improve their skills by providing the books and relaxing the fee structure, selfless, dedicated and lucid teaching methodology brought about great SUCCESS in the very first year of its inception. The success story continues every year, year after year unabatedly. Producing TOP RANKERS in the board exams and entrance tests, has become a routine to Sastry Tuitions.

To fulfill the needs of the students to appear for National level competitive examinations in engineering and medical, YCTS has started coaching for AIEEE, JEE(Main) and NEET.
With all the rich experience of conventional and effective classroom teaching, Sastry Tuitions is stepping into the digital era and launched the courses on digital platforms to help more number of students across India to get proper coaching and training for their preparation towards the competitive exams. In this direction, we aim at reaching international standards in using technology for education.

Sastry Tuitions for bright future.....


Everyone will have a dream of his/her own to get better coaching, to get top ranks in the entrance tests for professional courses and ultimately to make a successful career. Many parents having their children studying in the secondary school level think about the future progress of their children. They tend to imagine that their children will improve linearly. But, progress in many fields is not linear. In the beginning, it may appear to be easy but subsequently it becomes harder and harder to improve. Specially, in the field of various states and national level competitive examinations for getting admission to professional courses, this is very true. Improvement can be termed as logarithmic. During the early growth-phase of students (the plus two years of study) they have to develop disciplined habits. Certain routine habits of taking every thing lightly should be given up at the earliest.

Many students withdraw in their early phases if they are not getting proper guidance. At Sastry Tuitions, such a situation has never cropped up. Every student who has joined Sastry Tuitions during the career making phase, has reached great success and he/she expresses his/her gratitude to the institute YCTS that is responsible for reaching such great heights.

Here, at Sastry Tuitions, it is not that only academic excellence is taken care of. The art of studying, overcoming the lethargic behaviour are well addressed by the experienced faculty. Lack of concentration, poor memory – such emotional problems are dealt with by the experts. Linear growth will be converted into exponential growth by breaking the calcified behaviour of the students and making them develop interest in academics.

Some of the highlights regarding the success of Yashaswi are as under:

  • i) Training students to the required competitive level by taking 1000 to 1100 hours to complete the syllabi – in-depth approach in the prescribed curriculum. Infact, the slogan “Quality through Quantity” is primary statutory of Yashaswi Institute.

  • ii) Streamlined approach in conducting periodic tests and exams, home assignments, valuation, scheme discussion and other related activities. Our method of conducting exams indeed induces active participation of students in academic events - unique to YASHASWI.

  • iii) Mentoring of students by the teachers themselves to assess their learning, performance and help them to improve on daily basis, motivating the students, keeping the parents informed about the development of their wards are the specialty at Sastry’s.

  • iv) Periodical feedback taken from students of I PU and II PU independently, the changes required in this academic workshop are implemented in the interest of students…. real concern of Prof. M. Y. V. Sastry, the Director of Yashaswi.

  • v) To encourage competitive spirit among students, certain modifications are brought in time to time aiming towards perfection and thereby total success.

  • vi) In imparting proper and quality based subject knowledge, study materials are provided at the required occasions, thereby conservation of time factor. It is in this context mention to be made to compute merit list and thereby identification of TOP RANKERS of each batch. Further, to congratulate and to promote similar confidence among the remaining students, prize books are given to TOP Rankers. Though it may remain simple, its impact is tremendous on the academic career of the students.